Galveston at New Year’s with the Family

I’m not including “in honor of DDD’s <censored>th birthday” as part of the title because I want her to keep speaking to me. I was just along for the ride, but due to my own current transportation and housing challenges, it was a marvelously long ride! Phil took me down there for the evening of Thursday the 31st, and brought me back up into town on Sunday, giving me unprecedented time to observe Phil, Bob, Carol, Diane, and all their family members in their non-native habitat.

Captions from top left:  the table set for shrimp dinner; Carol opening her own slightly belated birthday box from this year (x2), which generated many mustaches and other silly things; the bowl of from-scratch dumpling filling on Saturday; Davis and Laurel working in the dumpling sweatshop; some of the uncooked dumplings including Davis’s origami swan dumpling; two Dianes and a Janet in their Christmas-cracker crowns; the cake; my picture of Craig’s picture of a grebe I was trying to identify; Carol and a bunch of avocets down at the farthest tip of the island on Sunday; Phil enjoying a fine vintage of ginger ale; Carol serving Craig’s gourmet leftover-using-up nachos; Davis’s severe case of literal bed-head; and an artistic shot of a breakfast’s aftermath.

Thanks again for being such an excellent family. What DID I do to luck into this gang? 🙂